In recognition of the outstanding contribution made by individual school officers on behalf of their colleagues, our union established the ‘Ruth George School Officer Award’ and is calling for nominations for 2023.

This Award will be presented in recognition of a school officer member’s outstanding contribution as a union activist. The IEUA-QNT ‘Recognise, Reclassify, Reward’ School Officer Campaign highlighted the strength that member involvement gives to a campaign.

The continual improvement of workplace pay and conditions is entirely dependent upon the passionate commitment of individual members to the principles of collective bargaining and support of other union members.

Without the willingness of these individual members to provide assistance to their colleagues, to act as representatives and to give their time on behalf of members, successful outcomes for staff in the non-government education sector simply would not occur.

Ruth George played a key role in re-establishing the universal award covering non-government assistant mistresses in 1937. During the Depression assistant school mistresses had been forced to accept pay reductions in their Award.

Ruth George and her colleagues took on the challenge of restoring their salaries despite the opposition of the employers. Her determination and commitment to this cause was crucial in overcoming the employers’ objections and opposition.

This award honours her memory and outstanding contribution as an activist and union representative.

Like the teachers of the 1930’s the valuable work of school officers, to ensure the smooth functioning of schools and quality educational outcomes for students, have gone largely unrecognised and unrewarded by employing authorities.

This award provides the opportunity for all members of our union to recognise the outstanding efforts of school officers generally and the particular efforts of school officers who have helped organise their colleagues to achieve better working conditions.

Is there a ‘Ruth George' in your School Chapter?
If you know a school officer who has made an outstanding contribution as a unionist and union representative, we invite you to nominate your colleague for the ‘Ruth George School Officer Award’ for outstanding contribution as a union representative to school officers.
Examples of activist activities might include:
  • participation in union activities such as meetings, protests, rallies, campaigns, professional development and training;
  • dissemination of union information;
  • recruitment of colleagues;
  • promoting awareness of Award conditions;
  • pursuing accurate role descriptions for themselves and colleagues;
  • participating in enterprise bargaining negotiations and the single bargaining unit(SBU);
  • acting as a representative on the school consultative committee; or
  • involvement in school workplace policy development e.g. health and safety issues such as anti-bullying and discrimination.

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* 1. Nominees name

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* 2. Nominees workplace

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* 3. What qualities does the above nominee demonstrate that make you feel she should receive the Ruth George School Officer Award?

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* 4. How has the nominee assisted school officers in addressing their issues in your Chapter or Branch?

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* 5. Provide example/s illustrating how the nominee has promoted member action and networks and involvement of school officers and other members at the Chapter or Branch level (see list of examples):

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* 6. Describe how the nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the school Chapter, school officers and IEUA-QNT through activism in a specific area:

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* 7. Nominated by

Nominations close: 5pm Friday, 13 October 2023.  Any questions please email: