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Join us in creating the energy future we need!

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) was launched in 2015 to explore answers to the question: How can Alberta’s leadership position in today’s energy system serve as a platform for transition to the energy system the future requires of us?

The EFL is a multi-interest, collaborative platform that facilitates constructive dialogue around Alberta’s energy future and enables real-world experimentation and learning.

At the heart of the EFL is the Energy Futures Lab Fellowship representing diverse perspectives from across the Alberta energy system. Over the past two years, EFL Fellows have established working relationships, created a shared vision for Alberta's energy future, and prototyped numerous initiatives together. These successes have created the platform to test, refine and implement collaborative initiatives. 

The Energy Futures Lab Fellowship invites you to join this collaborative platform, refine ideas, and scale the impact of these initiatives. We are expanding the Energy Futures Lab Fellowship – an opportunity  to work alongside the original Energy Futures Lab Fellows. 

New Fellows will:
  • Participate in Fellow collaborative workshops and events. 
  • Join relevant Innovation Pathway(s) to identify, refine and implement collaborative initiatives. Time commitments vary across working groups.
  • Be profiled on the EFL website alongside the Fellows.
  • Participate in a 90 min onboarding webinar and a 3 day Leadership Bootcamp, to ensure a common level of understanding and experience.
To apply to be a Fellow of the Energy Futures Lab, please complete the single page application form below.

A few important notes:
  • As part of the onboarding process, Fellows are expected to participate in a 90 min webinar about the Energy Futures Lab as well as an Energy Futures Lab Leadership Bootcamp
  • Organizational support and endorsement from senior leadership is an essential component for participant success in the Energy Futures Lab. Your Fellow application must be supported by a brief letter of organizational support from the executive level, reflecting a commitment by the organization to formally learn about EFL concepts and outcomes and to explore possible actions and collaborative opportunities arising from the EFL.
  • The Fellow annual commitment fee is $4,000, with payment due upon acceptance into the program. The commitment fee covers a small percentage of the overall cost of providing the workshops, events and other EFL activities. The commitment fee also ensures that the applicant finds sufficient personal and organizational value in being a Fellow, and therefore, is willing to commit to the full suite of responsibilities of being a participant.
  • A limited number of bursaries are available to cover the commitment fee for applicants who might not otherwise be able to participate. Applicants who require a bursary can check the applicable box and provide a case for support in the application form. (Note that due to generous support from the Calgary Foundation, there are bursaries available for up to two Fellows from the arts community in 2018.)

* 1. Full name:

* 2. Address:

* 3. Phone number (direct):

* 4. Email:

* 5. Organization (if applicable):

* 6. Title/Role:

* 8. Please provide a max 100 word profile of yourself that can be shared on our website (if selected as a Fellow).

* 9. Please share your thoughts on what energy transition means for Alberta and what opportunities exist. (max 100 words)

* 10. Please describe a professional experience(s) that demonstrates the following (max 200 words)
  • your ability or aptitude for experimentation and innovation
  • your ability to collaborate
  • where you acted as an agent of change within your organization and/or network

* 11. Describe the alignment you see between your EFL participation and your work. Where do you see alignment between your work and the EFL innovation pathway working groups? What challenges are you facing and/or where are you stuck? How might collaborative opportunities through the EFL Fellowship help address the challenges you are facing? (max 100 words)

* 13. The Fellowship annual commitment fee is $4000, with payment due upon acceptance into the program. Limited bursaries are available to support participation from those who might not otherwise be able to participate. Is a partial or full bursary required in order for you to participate?

* Additional comments: