Expression of Interest

Strategic Financial Leadership is a cohort-based, applied leadership development program for local government finance professionals who are eager to level up their leadership competency while expanding their network, advancing an initiative of importance to their community, and positively contributing to others’ experience in the program.
Interested candidates for the 2023 Strategic Financial Leadership program offering are invited to submit their expression of interest by February 14, 2023.
Keep in mind...
  • This is not a test. The purpose of these questions is for you to get clear on your own "why" for participating in the program at this time, what you want out of it, and the strengths you would bring to the cohort.
  • Submission of this expression of interest does not constitute a firm agreement to participate in the program. Preferred candidates will be notified by GFOABC in following the submission and are invited to seek clarification on any questions or concerns before agreeing to participate. The final cohort will be confirmed in February 2023.
Part 1: Applicant Details
Part 2: Leadership Competency Self-Assessment
Part 3: Questions

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1. Applicant Details