Level 6 Supplemental Certificate Domestic Gas Safety

A Standards Review Group was established following a request issued by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER).  These standards were last reviewed in 2014. QQI’s review schedule is generally 5 years however standards may be reviewed from time to time as necessary and the CER request is deemed appropriate to instigate an earlier review. 
The following is the new proposed awards from the Standards Awards Group:

Level 6 Supplemental Domestic Gas Safety Comprising  of:
one Mandatory component Level 6 Component Certificate Gas Safety Domestic

QQI is now seeking feedback on the reviewed standards. To collect your feedback we have devised on online survey for the award standards. The survey will be open until 31  May 2017.

How this survey is constructed
The first page of the survey relates to the special purpose specification and the rest to the component specifications.

Thank you for participating and providing feedback.

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