* 1. What was the name of your child's Team Manager?

* 2. Which league was your child in? (examples: Baseball - Bronco, Softball - 10U)

* 3. How well did the Manager communicate throughout the season? (i.e. practices, games, league news, etc.)

* 4. How well did the Manager teach overall baseball/softball fundamentals throughout the season?

* 5. Do you feel the Manager did a good job coaching your child this year?

* 6. How fair was the Manager to all players?

* 7. How well does your child rate their overall Baseball/Softball Experience this year?

* 8. Do you feel your child learned the skills that he/she should have learned at this level?

* 9. Would you recommend this Manager to manage again next year?

* 10. What is your name? (Optional - but preferred in order to validate the survey)

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