Please rate your overall satisfaction with our pharmacy for each of the following questions:

JTJ Medical Supply d.b.a Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy/Bliss values your business and is committed to ensuring that we provide the highest quality services to you.  In order to help us continue to improve, please provide us your honest feedback below.  Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable input.  

* 1. This Survey is being completed for:

* 2. How satisfied are you with the timeliness in which you receive your medications?

* 3. My pharmacy needs were met through the services/equipment provided.  

* 4. The staff discussed my rights, responsibilities and financial obligations.  

* 5. The staff informed me how to contact the pharmacy during and after hours.  

* 6. Are you participating in the Patient Management Program?

* 7. If yes to question #6 - The Patient Management Program services assists me with understanding my medications, adhering to my medication regime and improving my health and well being.

* 8. The written material I receive (Welcome Packet, Patient Education and Labels) is easy to understand.  I am easily able to find and use the information I need.

* 9. The pharmacy's website is easy to use and understand so I am able to find and use information I need.  

* 10. The representatives were courteous and professional.  

* 11. Explanations and instructions offered by representatives were adequate.

* 12. Ease of getting in touch with someone by phone. 

* 13. Ease of getting answers to questions, follow-up, or help with any concerns you have.

* 14. Your overall experience with our Pharmacy Staff and Services. 

* 15. Comments (optional)

* 16. Name (optional)

* 17. How long have you been enrolled in Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy?

Thank you for choosing Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy and Bliss Rx for your Specialty Pharmacy needs.