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* How confident are you that you can:

  Not at all Confident Somewhat Confident Very Confident Extremely Confident Not Applicable to Me
Explain the registration process including drop/add and withdrawal
Relate your interests and abilities (strengths) to your chosen major
Relate your interests and abilities to possible educational/career options
Identify career/educational opportunities related to your major/interests (i.e., Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, etc.)
Explain why you chose your strand theme for your general education curriculum (i.e., Conflict, Citizenship, Sustainability, etc.)
Access your degree progression/DegreeWorks
Create an educational plan (potential course schedule) for the next two semesters
Self-select courses for the following semester
Identify campus resources to support your academic success
Explain the components of your academic map (general education and major courses)
25% of survey complete.