Anonymous Youth Restorative Justice Conference Participant Survey

* 1. Please indicate who is filling out this survey.

* 2. The facilitator provided a safe, supported, and respectful space for my thoughts, feelings, and needs to be heard.

* 3. The facilitator was fair, neutral, and unbiased?

* 4. In your opinion, the harm was adequately repaired.

* 5. Was the outcome of the restorative justice conference to your satisfaction?

* 6. To what extent were your ideas and thoughts considered during the development of the Youth Restorative Justice agreement?

* 7. Overall how would you rate the Youth Restorative Justice process?

* 8. Would you recommend Youth Restorative Justice to someone else?

* 9. What has changed for you, if anything, as a result of participating in the Youth Restorative Justice Conference?