Program Information

July 2023 Bar Exam Grant Application funded by the Oregon Minority Lawyers Association (OMLA)

Program Information:
Each grant award consists of a stipend of $800 to be used for expenses associated with preparing to take the bar exam as well as a reimbursement of the $750 admissions application fee. Please submit your application by 11:59pm on Monday, April 17, 2023.

If you have questions about the OMLA Bar Exam Grant program or about the application process, please contact Suji Patel at the Oregon Minority Lawyers Association: or Suraya Barbee at

Public Records & Tax Notices: This application form is hosted via the Oregon State Bar Survey Monkey account, and is therefore subject to the Oregon Public Records Act, which requires the OSB to disclose records (including program applications and other data) upon request unless an exception applies. While not included in routine OSB member lists, demographic information is subject to disclosure if requested. Should anyone request an OMLA application hosted via an OSB account under the Act, to the extent the application includes information regarding an applicant’s experiences of a sensitive personal nature, the disclosure of which would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy not outweighed by the public interest, the OSB will assert an exemption to maintain the confidentiality of that information. The Oregon Attorney General has the authority to review the decisions of the state bar in this area and the Attorney General’s decisions may be subject to review by the court. The bar reserves the right to respond as it deems appropriate regarding any public records requested, including D&I records and your application. Please contact the bar’s General Counsel at if you have questions.

OMLA makes no commitment or guarantee that any amounts paid to or for the benefit of a student will be excludable from the recipient’s gross income for federal or state income tax purposes, or that any other federal or state tax treatment will apply to or be available to any student. It shall be the obligation of the applicant to determine whether any payment is excludable from the applicant’s gross income for federal and state income tax purposes.