As part of the On Mission Implementation, our grouping of Saint Cecilia, Saint Felix, Holy Family and Saints Peter and Paul has through March to collect feedback on the Interim Mass Schedule.  It is now time for our grouping to collect written feedback from parishioners.  The following survey will assist parish leadership in evaluating, and if necessary, adjusting the Interim Mass Schedule.

(Preferred Method)    The survey is available online at the following website: 
                               Saint Cecilia - www.beavercatholic.com
                               Saints Peter and Paul - www.ssppbeaver.org/church
                               Holy Family - www.holyfamilynb.com
                               Saint Felix - www.stfelixfreedom.org

Paper surveys are available in the back of church.  Paper surveys may be returned by mail, Sunday collection, or delivered to your respective parish office.

On line submissions and paper surveys are due by March 31, 2019.  

When offering feedback on the Interim Mass Schedule, please keep in mind the original criteria that continues to guide the Mass schedule:  The number of Masses per grouping is determined by the number of priests assigned by Bishop Zubik to active ministry in the grouping.  Each priest assigned to the grouping is permitted to say a maximum of three Masses per weekend.  Retired, resident or student priests living in a grouping are not to be included in the total number of weekend Masses.  

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* 1. Please note that anonymous submissions will not be considered and contact information will be used only for follow up, if needed.

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* 2. In what parish are you registered?

33% of survey complete.