Scholarship Information
Partial scholarship assistance may be available for qualified applicants. When granted, scholarships will not cover the entire tuition fee. The maximum scholarship amount to be given is $500. Applicants should secure additional funding through personal finances, an employer or outside sponsors. 

  • Applicant must currently live or work in Portage County.
  • Only one scholarship will be awarded per employer per year.
  • Scholarships are limited to funds available for the budget year through donations.
  • Scholarship awards may be available for up to $500.
  • Scholarships will be determined based on demonstrated financial need. 
  • Applicant must repay the scholarship if they drop from the program or do not satisfactorily complete the program (please review program requirements).

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Describe your Employer

* 3. Is your employer covering any portion of your tuition fee?

* 4. Please quote or describe your employer's professional development/training policy.

* 5. Are you receiving any sponsorship outside of your employer? If yes, please describe, and include sponsorship amount.

* 6. Are you personally paying any portion of the tuition? If yes, please indicate your gross annual income.

* 7. Please indicate the amount of scholarship being requested ($1 to $500):

* 8. Is your participation in the program incumbent upon receiving scholarship funds? 

* 9. Please provide any additional information you feel is necessary for us to process your scholarship request.

* 10. I understand the above questions and have answered those questions to the best of my knowledge and agree to be bound by them in signing this application.  

* 11. Date of Consent Given

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