Thank you for your time!

* 1. How many people are you visiting with today?  Myself and _______ other people

* 2. With whom are you visiting the Museum?

* 3. What are the ages of those in your group?

* 4. What is your postal code (or zip code)?

* 5. How many times per year do you visit other museums?

* 6. Have you visited this museum before?

* 7. When was your last visit?

* 8. How long have you been here today?

* 9. How informed do you feel about the Museum, our events and activities?

* 10. How do you normally hear about cultural events? Check all that apply:

* 11. How did you hear about the Canoe Museum?  Check all that apply:

* 12. Did you go to our website before your visit?

* 13. Did you find everything you were looking for on our website?

* 14. What are the primary reasons for your visit to the Museum?  Check all that apply:

* 15. Did you have children with you for your visit?

* 16. What are their ages? Please write in the number of children for each age group:

* 17. Have your children participated in any of the following Museum activities?  Check all that apply:

* 18. How could we improve the kid-and-family-friendliness of the Museum?

* 19. Are you currently a Member of the Museum?

* 20. If not, what could the Canoe Museum provide as a membership benefit that would help influence you to become a member?

* 21. Please rate your experiences with the following from 'Excellent' to 'Poor':

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Did not use/Not applicable
Canoe Racing Exhibit
All other exhibits
'Hands-on' stations
Scavenger hunt
Frontline greeters
Museum Gift Shop
Museum website
Museum signage (getting here)
Overall experience

* 22. Did you discover any Museum programs today (camps, workshops, voyageur canoe tours, events, etc) that you now plan on attending?  If so, which one(s)?

* 23. What did you enjoy most about your visit to the Museum and why?

* 24. What did you enjoy least about your visit and why?

* 25. Would you recommend this Museum to others?

* 26. Will you be, or did you visit any other attractions in, or around Peterborough today?

* 27. The Canoe Museum is planning on reinventing itself in a new building, on-the-water in Peterborough.  As part of this reinvention which of the following amenities would you say are important, or not important to include at the new site?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Canoe rentals
Restaurant (full service with bar)
Café/Sandwich Bar
Toddler play area/Children's exhibit
Adjacent dedicated canoeing area
Trail to Little Lake
Native plant gardens
Multipurpose conference room
Outdoor gathering space

* 28. Please give us any other feedback or comments you would like to share with us:

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