Let’s help Canterbury business grow.

You’re invited to participate in the Quarterly Canterbury Business Survey (QCBS) - a barometer of business confidence and economic activity throughout the Canterbury region.

The insights provided from Canterbury businesses in the QCBS help inform the advocacy activities of The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce - the largest business association in the South Island.

We share the results of these surveys with politicians, officials and other decision makers to help them understand the requirements of business and to encourage policy changes that facilitate an environment for businesses to grow, innovate, and increase productivity.

We also share the results with the media so the wider-community can understand what is happening in the business environment.  A strong community relies on strong business. 

Your contribution helps make the QCBS more reflective of Canterbury business opinion and shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes to complete.  You don’t have to answer everything if it is not applicable to you.  All responses are anonymised.

Responses close on Sunday 12 February, and if you have any queries please drop us a note at info@cecc.org.nz.
12% of survey complete.