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Welcome to Recfishwest's South West Freshwater Fishing Survey.

Each year, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) grows and releases more than 500,000 trout throughout the South West for recreational fishing purposes.

Although trout have been stocked in South West waterways for more than 100 years, environmental changes — including a lack of annual rainfall and increased competition for water — are threatening the viability of stocking trout in many of the region’s streams.

Some adjustments to where and when trout stocking takes place in the South West have already been made, and it is imperative that we continue to monitor the program's outcomes to ensure that recreational fishers are getting the best ‘bang for our buck’ where stocking trout is concerned.

To help achieve this objective, this survey aims to give us a better understanding of your current freshwater activites

Better informed future trout stocking strategies and programs in the South West will be critical in ensuring fish are stocked in the optimum areas.

In addition, Recfishwest has also developed an app on which anglers can record both their catches, and important environmental data. If you are a keen freshwater angler, please download the app and use it next time you wet a line in the South West.

Download the easy-to-use Recfishwest Trout Monitoring mobile app for free from the Apple Store or the Google Play store.