Nomination Form

English Language Arts
(to be completed by district/school administrator or supervisor**)

Thank you for your nominations for the 2018 ELA Standards Review Panel.

Online training and support, as well as a full day Standards Summer Institute in July, will be provided to participants selected for the Panel.  Work will involve reviewing, evaluating, and potentially revising the Oregon ELA Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, to be voted on by the State Board of Education in January 2019.

Completion of this nomination for does not guarantee that a person will be selected for the committee.  You are nominating someone to represent Oregon students, teachers, and districts in the evaluation of Oregon ELA Common Core State Standards.  Evaluation of standards is a professional experience held in high esteem by Oregon educators.  It is an honor for educators to be nominated to serve as regional representatives and content specialists.

Once the nomination process closes, Oregon Department of Education staff will select panel members based on the following criteria:

·         Educational Role: Appropriate balance between key stakeholder groups including: classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and others having experience and expertise in the content area. At least ¾ of the evaluation team members shall be current Oregon classroom teachers.

·         Grade/Content Expertise: Adequate knowledge and expertise with specific grade and content area information that support in interpreting and applying the Oregon ELA Common Core State Standards, as well as experience serving students with special needs and students developing their English language proficiency.

·         Diversity: Sufficient geographical representation from various school districts within the state, as well as representation of the state’s racial and ethnic diversity among Oregon students and teachers.

This form is for superintendents, principals, supervisors, and mentors** to nominate ELA teachers (or other professionals, such as reading specialists or instructional coaches, who have experience working with the standards) for a position with the ELA Standards Review Panel. You will describe the qualifications of the nominated individual and explain why you feel he or she would qualify for the assignment.

**Peers may nominate, but nominations from a supervising position are preferred.

Nominations will be accepted through May 28, 2018. Applications for nominated individuals will be made available in late May 2018.

Form Directions: List qualified teachers, specialists, and others having experience and expertise in the content area of English Language Arts who would be interested in participating in this process.

Contact: Marie Ballance, or call (503) 947-5603

Oregon Department of Education, 255 Capitol Street NE, Salem, OR 97310