Purpose and Criteria

NAWBO Rising Star Award honors a woman business owner that, through creativity and innovation, is building sustainable growth in her economic and social ecosystem. She utilizes her growing platform as a social entrepreneur to propel her generation and future women business owners, regardless of their age or social standing.
Nominee Requirements
1.     No more than 35 years of age at time of application
2.     Owner of a registered business that has been operating at least 2 years
3.     Has achieved tangible and material entrepreneurial success established through revenue and employee growth
4.     Demonstrates the importance of innovation as a way to effect positive change
5.     Continues to strive for excellence and advance overall women entrepreneurship in a positive manner
6.     Shows a commitment to propelling the next generation of entrepreneurs towards greater economic, social, and political spheres of power through mentoring or similar programs
Judging Criteria
Judges may not be familiar with the nominees’ area of expertise.   Therefore, descriptions should be written with this in mind and clearly articulate the commercial value and impact of the business model.  Judges will consider each nomination based on four criteria:
Strategy (objectives, planning, execution, budget)
Design (concept, techniques, development, technology)
Philanthropy (mission, scalability, results, future goals)
Results (client satisfaction, visitors, engagement, user experience)