You are being asked if you would like to take part in a survey about autism and employment. To participate, you will need to agree to the terms below. Please read them carefully before continuing.
What is this survey about?
I want to know more about the experiences autistic people have when applying to and working at jobs, and their experiences participating in autism employment programs. I am also interested in people’s opinions about autism employment programs.

What will happen if I decide to participate?
If you agree to take this survey, you will be asked questions about:
  • Your age, gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, education, and work experience
  • Things that might have made it hard for you to get or keep a job, if you are autistic
  • Your experiences in an autism employment program, if you have participated in one
  • Your opinions about autism employment programs
  • Your ideas about ways that autism employment programs could be improved
Your answers will be anonymous. If you write an answer or comment in a text box on the survey, it might be quoted in an article or other writing that I do based on the survey, but it will not be linked to information that could identify you. You can skip any questions that you do not want to answer.

How long will this survey take?
It will probably take you about 30-40 minutes to complete the survey.

What are the risks of taking this survey?
Answering the survey questions could make you feel tired or frustrated. Some of the questions might make you feel uncomfortable, sad, or upset. You also might get frustrated if you experience computer/device or internet problems while you are completing the survey.
I will try to protect your confidentiality (privacy) as described below. There is a risk of loss of confidentiality if you complete the survey in a public place, where someone could look at your computer/device and see your answers.

What are the benefits of taking this survey?
Doing the survey may or may not be helpful to you. However, your answers may help organizations that want to hire more autistic people to create better policies and programs.

How will my information and survey answers be kept confidential (private)?
I will do everything I can to protect the security of all your personal information, but I cannot guarantee confidentiality of all data.
The survey does not ask for your name, email address, phone number, or other information that could specifically identify you, and I do not record your IP address. Only I will be able to see the complete set of answers you provide to questions.
Your information will be kept in a password protected account on SurveyMonkey and downloaded to a password protected computer. When I back up the data, I will store it in a password protected file on an external hard-drive that only I have access to. You can read about SurveyMonkey’s Privacy Policy here.

How will my answers be used?
Your answers will be used to learn more about autistic people’s experiences with employment. Information from the survey may be used for articles, and my long-term goal is to write a book about autistic people’s work and job-seeking experiences. Hopefully, the information I collect from this survey will help employers to better support and include autistic people.

Can I decide not to participate after I start the survey?
Yes. If you choose to do this survey and change your mind while you are taking it, you may quit at any time. If you choose to end the survey without finishing it, you will not experience any bad consequences.

Whom can I contact if I have questions about this survey?
If you have questions or comments about the survey, please email or visit the project webpage.<

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