1. Why we are doing this survey

The FinOps Foundation's mission is to enable the people who do cloud financial management, regardless of the cloud, vendor or technology they use. 
Our goals for this survey:
  • Collect then provide insights into the state of the finops/cloud financial management
  • Understand who our members are and what they need in 2021 
All responses will be kept anonymous and no identifiable information will be published. We will compile anonymized data from this survey to provide trends and analysis of the FinOps space. No vendors will receive the raw survey data.
Total estimated time: 15 minutes, it is 30 questions across 5 sections.

By taking this survey, you'll help build the first vendor-neutral view into the state of the industry. As a bonus: we'll send you a thank you code for a free FinOps t-shirt/sticker and a code for training discounts.
Ready to contribute? Let's start with who you are...

Question Title

* 1. Are you a member of the FinOps Foundation?

Either answer is fine and helps us understand more about our members vs the general industry

Question Title

* 2. What is your email address? 

If a FinOps Foundation member, please use the same email address as your membership.

10% of survey complete.