1. AHNS 2021 Post-Meeting Survey

The Program Committee requests that you take this post-meeting survey regarding your recent participation at the 10th International Conference. Your responses are required in order to obtain CME credit for this meeting.

Thank you for attending the meeting.

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* 1. Please indicate your country of residence:

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* 2. Please rate the following:

  Poor Mediocre Neutral Good Excellent N/A
How did the program work overall?
How would you rate the live virtual sessions?
How would you rate the on demand CME sessions?
Overall virtual meeting’s application to your practice?

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* 3. How would you rate your experience at this meeting?

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* 4.

Will the information presented during the meeting lead you to change/modify/improve your practice in any way? 

(Remember, the practice of medicine includes research, discussions with staff and colleagues, teaching residents and fellows, as well as what you do in the exam and operating room.)