The City is updating its 2010 Town Plan and we need your help! This survey largely focuses on commercial development because the City's residential areas are largely built out. The purpose of this survey is to broaden public input on the topic and to provide greater awareness of the ideas and options for the future.
The public hearing for this topic will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission on Wednesday, September 6 , 2017 @ 6:30PM (at 900 Saddletree Court). Responses in this survey will be compiled for the Commission and included in their packet to review (minus name and address). In addition all citizens are invited to complete the survey and/or attend the public hearing to publicly express their ideas. No final decisions on the update of the City's Town Plan will be made until all public hearings have been completed.
The City will be hosting public hearings and offering more online feedback opportunities throughout the fall as we update the Town Plan.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. What is your street address?

* 3. There are few areas of the City still available for future residential and commercial development. Commercial is highlighted in blue and Residential in Green on this map:

In these few undeveloped areas the City can still work with the property owners and developers to try and shape development compatible with our neighborhoods.

. All remaining unbuilt property zoned residential (Bentley Manor, Willow Wood, Huntington and Pond Hill Garden Villas), have development plans to emphasize quality home building that offer quality properties ranging in size.

Are you pleased with the recent residential property development?

* 4. Should the City consider regulating the redevelopment of existing residential lots in future years? If so, how?

* 5. Should the City consider adding Multi-Family Town homes or Condominiums as allowable development in Shavano Park in certain zoning districts (e.g. along Loop 1604)?

* 6. Commercial. It is important to note that commercial property owners have vested rights on their property and the City cannot stop them from building a business, however the City can work with the developers to shape what is built.

What type of services would you like to see in Shavano Park? You can select more than one option or add your own ideas!

* 7. Is there a particular business or restaurant you would like developers to consider for Shavano Park?

* 8. Shavano Park has, relative to other cities, strict authorized uses for any commercial property. Should the City retain these limited commercial uses or should the City relax them by authorizing additional uses? If so, what are your ideas on what the City should authorize.

* 9. Shavano Park's sign regulations for commercial businesses are restrictive and limit the amount and type of business signage. Some businesses have asked the City to increase the authorized signage within strict limits. Should the City consider more flexible sign regulations for businesses?

* 10. Should the City encourage environmentally friendly or "green" development practices?

Note: The City already enforces up to date Building Codes and as of 2015 requires all new homes to be built "Solar Ready" for easier and cheaper installation of solar panels at a later date after construction. This Solar Ready mandate is cheap and easy to fulfill during the construction of the home.