Information for Nominees

In accordance with the procedures of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Water Association, YWP members are invited to nominate for a position on the State YWP Committee – consisting of 11 general committee positions.  General committee positions are all positions other than the Immediate Past President and President. 
Nominees are advised of the following:

a) Committee meetings are held in Brisbane, generally on the first Thursday of every month between 5.30pm and 6.30pm but teleconference options are available for regional members who would like to nominate for a role on the committee and are unable to attend meetings in Brisbane, and also if local members are unable to attend a meeting in person.

b) Committee members should expect to be allocated a specific task including membership of a Branch subcommittee or participation in event organisation which may involve additional meetings outside the general committee meetings.

c) The YWP Committee will consist of thirteen (13) financial members, including the President and Immediate Past President.

d) The YWP committee positions are nominated for 2 year terms with half (six) of the committee positions to be filled each year.

e) Should more than six (6) nominations be received for committee membership, exclusive of the positions of President and Immediate Past President, an election will be held during June 2018.  It is important to note that for your nomination to be valid you must include a brief (no more than 150 word) statement that can be forwarded with election information.

f) The nominee must be current financial members, as at 30 April 2018, otherwise the nomination will be made void.  Please check membership status by phoning AWA on 1300 361 426 if you are unsure.

g)  An induction meeting for newly elected members will be held at 4:30pm on 12th July, just prior to the July YWP Committee meeting. All first time Committee Members are required to attend the induction and existing and returning Committee members are also invited.

Nominations are due by 24 May at 5:00pm.