Message from Dr. Mason
As you know, over the last six weeks, the Board of Education and I have engaged the community in a discussion around this question: Would the purchase of Gresham Elementary School make possible a revised facilities plan that would be preferable to the plan adopted by the Board in April?

I believe there is a plan that will better meet the academic, developmental, and extracurricular needs of our students, and I look forward to recommending it to the Board of Education for its consideration on December 13. The details of my recommendation are presented in this survey alongside the plan previously approved by the Board in April. 

After reviewing the plan adopted by the Board in April and the alternate plan I'm now recommending, you will have the opportunity to state your preference between the two plans and share the reason(s) behind your preference. While this is not a referendum, your preferences and comments will be shared with the Board members prior to their decision on the 13th.

The deadline to complete this survey is December 12, 2017.

Thank you for your involvement in this important decision in the life of our school system. The communication with the community in recent weeks has been very helpful to me and to the Board as we've moved through this consideration.

Charles Mason, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent
Vestavia Hills City Schools