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We at South Tabor Family Physicians LLP need your help. Our records indicate your child has had an appointment with one of our health care providers, and we would like you to tell us about their care. We are committed to providing them with the best quality health care available, and your input will help us to achieve this goal. This brief survey should take only about 15 minutes or less of your time.

The information that you provide will be kept completely private and confidential and your answers will never be matched with your name. Your individual answers will never be seen by your provider. We will combine your answers with information from other people who complete the survey to create a summary report that tells us about our patients' experiences with our providers and medical office.

We hope you will take this chance to tell us about your experiences with your child's visit. You may choose to participate or not, but the more people who respond, the greater our ability to improve the quality of care your child will receive.

Thank you for helping to make health care at South Tabor Family Physicians LLP better for everyone!


Jason Steeprow
Clinic Administrator