The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and We Are Healers are committed to supporting American Indian & Alaska Native youth interested in pursuing Public Health professions. Please consider hosting, mentoring, or supervising a student intern this summer.

Instructions: Please fill out the Site Application. Priority will be given to sites who already have 1 or more student interns selected.

Host Site Stipends: Selected sites will receive $2,500-$5,000 to cover student stipends, the time/effort of mentors, and any other expenses associated with the internship. (Depending on the number of participating sites/students).

Scope of Work: Host sites will provide 1 or more students with hands-on training in public health careers, health promotion strategies, research and evaluation methods, or community-based participatory research.

Number of Awards Available: 6-12 sites will be selected
Internship Dates: April-August 
Duration: The timing and duration of the internship can be determined by the site mentor/supervisor. We’ve seen some internships last one or two weeks (meeting or shadowing all day), and others last all summer (working a few hours per week).

Eligible Youth Participants 
  • American Indian or Alaska Native youth (in middle school, high school or college)
  • Interested in a public health or wellness career
Eligible Internship Sites
  • Middle Schools, High Schools, or Colleges
  • Tribal health and wellness programs
  • IHS, Tribal or Urban Indian Clinics (I/T/U)
  • Indian Health Boards and Tribal Epidemiology Centers 
  • Other clinics serving AI/ANs
Learning Objectives: Participants will:
  • Learn about public health professions and career paths
  • Establish mentorships with a public health professional
  • Participate in a resume-building job shadow, internship or work study experience
Due: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

After completing the internship, we will send a 3-minute feedback form to participants, to document their internship activities and outcomes.

Payment Process: Unless otherwise requested, checks will be made out to the host site. We will request a signed W9 for the site, for our records.

Can sites host more than one intern? Yes. Sites can host 1 or more students using the stipend. We are aiming to reach 3 middle school students, 3 high school students, and 3 college students this summer.

Question Title

* 1. Host Site Information

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* 2. Supervisor's Information

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* 3. If you have an intern identified, please provide their name and grade level:

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* 4. What public health activities will the student(s) work on or shadow?

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* 5. Do you agree to provide the student(s) with hands-on training in public health careers, health promotion strategies, research and evaluation methods, and/or community-based participatory research

Thank you!

This work is supported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - We Are INSPIRED: Preparing AI/AN Students to Pursue Public Health Careers.