Thank you for choosing Prothro Center. We strive to provide the best possible experience for you (and your family or group) with a ministry of hospitality. Please answer the following questions based on your personal experience (and conversations with your family, if also involved). Thank you for your participation and support in helping us provide the best retreat experience.

* 1. What was the sponsoring group and dates for your visit?

* 2. Registrations, Communications

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
The registration process worked well
Received adequate information before your visit started
Location is convenient
Ease and use of our website
Friendliness of staff upon your arrival

* 3. How did you find out about our center?

* 4. How would you rate the following facilities?

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
Cabin/Family Lodge
Lake Texoma Beach
Hiking/Bike Trails
Swimming Pool
Beach Volleyball

* 5. Overall, how satisfied were you with the dining hall food service?

  Extremely Satisfied Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Dissatisfied N/A
Food quality
Food selection

* 6. Prothro Center use by your group; please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Spiritual growth through the experience
Program facilities were appropriate
Theme activities were enriching
I had fun
Appreciated the serenity/wildlife
Staff is friendly

* 7. Overall, how satisfied were you with your stay?

* 8. Would you recommend Prothro Center to a friend or family member or to another group?

* 9. Are you planning to use Prothro Center in the future?

* 10. I liked my Prothro Center experience, because:

* 11. May we use your quote anonymously on our website or other media?

* 12. If the Prothro Center were to offer internet access, what would your preference be?

* 13. Other than The Prothro Center, are there other retreat centers that you use? If yes, please tell us the name of the center and tell us how your experience is different there.

* 14. What new or additional amenities or activities would you like to see The Prothro Center offer in the future? Think about both programs, activities, facilities, and camp improvements.

* 15. How would you identify your group? Check one.

* 16. The UMC North Texas Conference Center for Leadership Development mission is to "develop principled Christian leaders who will transform the world."  Camping and Retreat ministries play an important role in achieving this mission. Please share how you or your family or group's experience at The Prothro Center helped prepare you as a Christian leader.