1. September 18-19, 2017

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* 2. What is your position within the Health Center (Select all that apply):

* 3. The most important defense in a dental malpractice case is the dentist's understanding of liability

* 4. Standard of care is determined by expert opinion testimony

* 5. Peer review is only used during the credentialing and privileging process

* 6. Expensive, painful and unnecessary diagnostic studies as well as incorrect treatment decisions are possible consequences of ineffective documentation

* 7. Credentialing is the process of accessing qualifications of licensed independent practitioners or other certified health care practitioners

* 8. Risk management programs recognize the breakdown points in diagnostic process that may lead to missed, delayed, or incorrect diagnosis

* 9. An event that should never be documented on paper is a patient's missed appointment

* 10. A physician-patient relationship is generally formed when a physician has a legal duty to provide care by examining, diagnosing, or treating a patient

* 11. Under FTCA, a claim must be filed within two years after the claims accrues, which generally with some exceptions, occurs on the date of the injury

* 12. FTCA coverage is extended to any full time contract provider if they work over 15.5 hours per week