1. Introduction and General company information

About this survey
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The entire survey takes between 10-20 min to fill in.

The survey is divided into four parts:

1. General company information.

2. Major company events during 2016 and 2017. (Selected events will be highlighted in a “year in review list” in the report)

3. Development project/product information. Including all on-going development projects as well as launched products. (This information will be presented in the report on a company-project/product level).
Examples of products used in Precision Medicine: biomarkers, in vitro diagnostic test, companion diagnostics, diagnostic bioimaging agents, imaging equipment, biosensors, patient monitoring equipment, bioinformatic or Big Data management, software or screening platforms. It can also be methods like pharmacogenomics, epigenomics, genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, high through-put sequencing, next generation sequencing, artificial intelligence or machine learning.

4. Industry landscape status and future. Questions about future competence needs, how to run a business in Sweden and future challenges. (This information will only be presented in a aggregated level, not on a company level).

Thank you for your valuable contribution!

If you have any questions please contact Susanne Baltzer, susanne.baltzer@swedenbio.se 0706-77 47 20.

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