Every journey begins with the first step..

This is a diagnostic survey planner is designed to find out your honest thoughts, ideas, and strategies to truly understand and help you understand your needs, goals, outcomes and expectations.

We want to make sure this is a successful Business Performance Optimisation coaching relationship so we both need to feel comfortable with the fit and make the most of our coaching/consulting time.

This will help you honestly clarify your goals and expectations also.

Take as much time as you like then hit submit and I will then review your answers.

You can go back and add to or edit your answers after you have submitted your responses if you wish.


Once you have completed the survey hit 'submit' and send to me so I can review and study.

Once I have reviewed and studied I will call or email you to set a time to discuss with you over the telephone/ skype/webinar to decide on the next step.

You can print off your responses and bring to our meeting if we both feel a meeting is what we want to do to take the next step.


Congratulations on taking this very important and possibly challenging step to answer these questions.

* 1. Your Details

* 2. Your Position in Company

* 3. Location and Operations of Company

* 4. Number of Employees in Company

* 5. What industry are you in? Who are your key target industries you market to and do business with?

* 6. What products and/or services do you sell to those target markets?

* 7. What is the average dollar sales transaction size or range?

* 8. The top 4 or 6 Sales, Business Development, Growth or People Problem Areas you would like fixed or worked on, improved with this LFBB Business Breakthrough Optimisation programme are...

* 9. What is this costing your business each month in lost opportunities or underperformance/ not optimisaing potential?

* 10. What are the consequences to underperforming in those areas of Sales, Business Development, Business Growth?

* 11. How long has this been going on?

* 12. What % improvement do you think your company is capable of over the next 12 to 18 months? What is the % upside for the business if the above problems were fixed or improved?

* 13. What are 4 ways your company could improve the way it develops and wins business in your opinion?

* 14. Your company would achieve more and develop the business better if more people from our team did or said...

* 15. What are 4 key blockers, handbrakes or frustrations to Sales and Business Improvement and efficiency in our Team?

* 16. Are your Managers and Team interested or keen to be involved in a coaching/ training / business development journey?

* 17. On a Scale of 1 to 10 how interested or keen are the Leaders, Key Stakeholders, Managers and Team to be involved in a coaching/ training / business development journey?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 18. How many people are in your team or would you want involved in the Business Breakthrough Training and Coaching Project?

* 19. The reason you have contacted LFBB and what you want to get as an outcome(s) of a programme conducted by LFFB is...?

* 20. What is our Unique Selling Proposition/ What do we tell the market we do that separates us from the Competition? Name 4-7 things we pride ourselves on that make us better, different, unique, more competitive than the alternative choices the prospects and customers have in the marketplace.

* 21. The areas of Sales and Business Development I would like to practice and get better at are: (you can tick more than one item)

* 22. Are there any specific scenarios you and your Sales team would like to get better at handling?

* 23. Are you looking for a one off training/ coaching event or are you looking for an ongoing Coaching/Training/Mentoring relationship?

* 24. Attitude to investing in Training/ Coaching/ Business Development/ Consulting?

* 25. Any other comments or thoughts you have about Sales Innovation and Business Improvement performance or efficiency in regards to your company?

* 26. How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 27. Your Skype address to arrange a half hour FREE Sales, Service, Business Growth Coaching call at at time that works for both of us if you would like to take up this option.