San Bernardino County Regional Parks and Chairman Curt Hagman, Fourth District Supervisor invite you to help us improve Prado Regional Park. Are you interested in more recreation and sporting activities, nature and environmental enhancements, or special events? If so, please become involved in the Master Planning process for the Prado Regional Park, and help develop the vision for the park for the next 20 years!
Please first download and review the presentation, the link is provided below.  

Prado Park Workshop 2 Presentation

After you've reviewed the material, please complete this survey using the assumption that we just want the one option that you feel works best for you and the park. Comments, dislikes, clarifications of support, or other suggested ideas should be put into the "Additional Comments" box. Your
 input will help guide the project team to develop one revised vision for the future of Prado Regional Park. Thank you!