Welcome to Bloomfield's Visioning and Plan of Conservation and Development Questionnaire!

Plan Bloomfield is our Town’s guide for the future. It shows where we have been and lays out the vision for where we are going. Everyone in our community has a stake in this plan, and we encourage everyone to participate in creating it.
Officially, Plan Bloomfield is a Community Vision and Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) update that will serve as the guiding document for municipal decision-making over the next decade. In Connecticut, a POCD is required to be updated every 10 years and covers a wide range of topics such as land use, housing, natural resource management, infrastructure, resilience, economic development, social services, transportation, cultural and historical assets, and energy.
The Town would like your thoughts on how Bloomfield should grow and change in the future. Your response to this questionnaire will help develop the community vision for Bloomfield and put forward recommendations for the 2023 POCD. This is an opportunity for everyone in the community to decide how to guide change over the coming decade. By participating here, you will be contributing to this effort.

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