Peace Science Digest Reader's Survey

Thank you for following the Peace Science Digest!

For three years, our team at the War Prevention Initiative has worked hard to provide a bi-monthly analysis of the best research in peace science. We are now ready to learn from you how we can make the Digest more useful.

The following survey asks for (1) your basic demographic information, (2) your experience reading the Peace Science Digest, and (3) your preferences for future Digest issues. We intend to use this information to further support what's working, and to make changes on what's not working. Your feedback is critical to our success. 

This survey will be open for X weeks from XXXX to XXXX. After closing the survey, we intend to share our findings and changes with our subscribers. We are a small (but mighty!) team and it may take a few months to hear back from us.

Your answers are confidential. If you choose, you may leave your name and contact information at the end of the survey for an opportunity to talk more about the Peace Science Digest with one of our staff members.
Please report any issues or concerns with this survey to Kelsey at