Recognition of an ETA member whose use of technology provides for creative solutions, promotes customer usability, enhances profitability, or other means of marketplace provision or even industry disruption.  The nominated solution is in current use in the marketplace with demonstrated results.

This award goes to the Payment Facilitator who demonstrates merchant advocacy, industry leadership and executes on the Aggregator model. The winning candidate will meet all regulatory requirements and ensure superior underwriting and risk monitoring of the participating merchants.

Nominees for this award will provide justification and rationale for their market leadership and unique value proposition within the Aggregator model. 

* 1. Submit the name of the company and product that you would like to nominate for the PayFac Integration Award.

* 2. At what level of use is this product in the marketplace?

* 3. If requested, would you be able to furnish contact information for a client who is currently using this product?

* 4. Describe what sets this product apart from others in the marketplace (provide as detailed information as possible).

* 5. What type of business is the nominated company?

* 6. Time in business and why you selected this model:

* 7. Do you work with:

* 8. Percentage breakdown of high risk vs. standard risk:

* 9. Processing platforms supported / utilized

* 10. On-Boarding Process:

* 11. Underwriting Risk & Compliance:

* 12. Partners / Vendors utilized:

* 13. Will the nominated company be exhibiting this technology at TRANSACT16?

* 14. Please provide the name, title, telephone and email for an individual from the nominated company who can be contacted with questions.

* 15. Enter your name and a phone number or email where we can reach you with questions: