The mission of the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is to prepare and empower students for life.   Teachers and administrators strive to provide the best education opportunities for students and their families to learn, preparing them for the future.  We seek every opportunity to encourage students and support our families.  This year we have the opportunity to partner with the John H. Boner Center to apply for a Promise Neighborhood grant.  These extra financial resources will enable IPS and your local school to support parents and students, from everything from food insecurity to tutoring to career placement.  For the application to be successful, IPS must find out more about students and their families.   Please take a few moments to answer a few of our questions.  Each answer will be kept confidential.

This survey can only be taken for one child, whose birthday you will enter while taking the survey. If you would like to take this survey for each child you have attending an IPS school, feel free to click the link more than once.