2018 Survey of Canadian Family Physicians about treatment of patients with chronic pain

This survey is for family physicians who treat patients with chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP). If you do not fit this category please do not complete the survey.

Results of this survey will help develop educational programs about treatment of Chronic Non Cancer Pain. 

Completion of this survey is voluntary, and neither the researchers nor the colleges will be able to identify those who responded or not responded the survey.

Completion of this survey will take approximately 15 minutes. 
• There are minimal risks for completing the survey, though you may feel discomfort in disclosing your opinions and experiences.
• You can withdraw at any time before submitting the survey simply by closing the browser, the data from non-submitted surveys will not be saved. Once you submit the survey you won’t be able to withdraw from the study.
• Once you start the survey you are not allowed to skip questions.
• Your responses are anonymous and will not be linked to you.
• Data will be aggregated and reported by province, and rural/urban categories; your individual data will not be reported.
• Data will be compared with past surveys, and may be compared with future results if the survey is repeated in a few years.
• Data may be used as part of a master thesis.
• If you want results of the study, please contact a member of the research team: Dr. Andrea Furlan at andrea.furlan@utoronto.ca, or Dr. Angela Carol at acarol@cpso.on.ca or Santana Díaz at santana.diaz@utoronto.ca
• Survey data will be stored on an encrypted USB drive and kept for 7 years. After that the USB drive will be destroyed.
• If you have any questions please contact the principal investigator Dr. Andrea Furlan at andrea.furlan@utoronto.ca
• Completion of the survey implies your consent to participate.
• If you want to keep a copy of this consent form for your records please feel free to print a copy.

This study has been approved by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board.