The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) was recently introduced in Congress. This proposal would create a self-sustaining fund to ensure people have income when they need to care for a new child, a loved one with a serious health condition, their own serious health condition or to take time for military caregiving purposes.

To show the impact the FAMILY Act would have on people across the nation, we are collecting stories about people's experiences with needing or taking leave from work for family and medical reasons. Please take five minutes to share your story about a time you took leave from your job to care for your loved ones or yourself. Have taken unpaid time to care for a new child, seriously ill loved one or address your own health condition? Have you wanted or needed to take time for these purposes but couldn't afford to do so? Are you one of the lucky folks that has paid leave for family and serious medical purposes?

Tell us your story!

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