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Join Resilient Kern and our ACEs Planning Efforts Today

A Resilient Kern is a Trauma-Informed County

1. Resilient Kern is a broad coalition of Kern County organizations that work together to help build on the strengths of residents to address histories of personal trauma, especially in early childhood, that impacts their ability to achieve their true potential.

2. We have trained hundreds of providers in the last three years to identify trauma using a screening process to identify and address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their impact on our physical and mental health.

3. Research has linked many of the most severe medical conditions, like asthma, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, to the daily personal stress we carry from early childhood trauma.

Planning and Training Grant from ACEs Aware
 Resilient Kern has recently received a 6-month grant to create a county-wide Network of Care that will train and support local medical providers to screen for ACEs and, where needed, connect with local community partners to meet the non-medical needs of families under stress from poverty, food insecurity, lack of transportation, social and cultural isolation, and racism.

Partnering with Kern Connected Community Network
The Kern CCN has brought together and trained over 50 local agencies and organizations to help provide a smooth transition for patients to community resources. When combined with the trained medical providers through the ACEs Aware grant, KCCN will be able to provide efficient linkages between hospitals, clinics, and local community organizations throughout Kern County that provide services vital to underserved populations.

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