Accessibility Section Survey

This is a petition to establish an Accessibility Section within the Society of American Archivists.  The formation of a new section requires at least 100 signatures from SAA members in good standing.  Thank you for your interest and support!  For any questions and feedback, please contact Lydia Tang (  

Goals of the Section:

- To be a dedicated space for the archival profession to engage in accessibility topics including archivists with disabilities, users with disabilities, collections representing people with disabilities, the accessibility of collections, spaces, and workflows.
- To give archivists with disabilities and their allies a voice within SAA.
- To compile and encourage the development of tools, resources, and workflows to improve accessibility within archives.
- To enable SAA membership to learn from each other about emerging accessibility best practices, disability awareness, and other relevant topics.
- To showcase and celebrate collections and people with disabilities within the historical record and archival profession.
- To continue to update the Guidelines for Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities as needed.

How this new Section would fulfill the SAA Strategic Goals and Mission:

Goal 1: Advocating for Archives and Archivists
The topic of disability -- for archivists, users, historical documentation, and accessibility of services/resources -- currently does not have a dedicated section.  While accessibility can touch aspects of other existing sections, the goal of creating a dedicated section is to ensure that accessibility has a robust and constant presence within the profession. 

Goal 2: Enhancing professional growth
A dedicated section supports and fosters professional growth through educational and outreach opportunities, as well as provides opportunities for archivists with disabilities and allies to develop leadership skills by serving on the section leadership.

Goal 3: Advancing the Field
SAA first officially began addressing accessibility with the Joint Archives Management/Records Management Roundtables Working Group on Accessibility in Archives and Records Management in 2010.  Eight years later, SAA convened a Task Force to Revise the Best Practices on Accessibility. A primary wish of the 2018-2019 Task Force is to continue the professional dialogue about accessibility, which can be accomplished by founding this section.  

Goal 4: Meeting Members Needs
In 2018, 2258 ADA Title III web accessibility lawsuits were filed in the United States.  Accessibility, beyond social justice, is also protected by law.  This section can advocate for accessibility within SAA and the broader profession, and it can facilitate archivists with disabilities to participate and contribute more fully to the association and profession.

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* 4. I am interested in serving in the Section Leadership. If this petition is successful, please contact me for ballot information and potentially participating section visioning and documentation.

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