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We want to hear about your behavioural response to COVID-19.  

In an effort to understand the transmission of COVID-19 this research takes a critical review of individual decision making in response to COVID-19. Your participation will contribute to a greater understanding of emerging behavioural patterns that may assist policy makers to better respond with relevant actions.

What you will do:  You will spend about 20 minutes answering survey questions about ,1) your general attitude to behaviours in response to COVID-19 Government guidelines and 2) about you (e.g., your age, gender). 

Possible benefits and risks: Participants will have the opportunity to win one of 2 x $50 vouchers. There are no foreseeable risks associated with your participation. 

Anonymity and Confidentiality: This survey is anonymous and you will not be identifiable. The research team is legally obliged to keep all data (i.e. your answers to survey questions) in a password protected electronic file at Griffith University for a period of five years before it is destroyed. 

Who is undertaking this research and Results: This multidisciplinary (health, social marketing & marketing) Griffith University project is conducted with Health Consumers Queensland.  If you have any further questions about the research, or would like a plain language summary please email Dr Joan Carlini  - The results will be published in ‘industry’ type reports, academic journals and conference presentations and shared with interested government agencies.

Ethics Approval: This study has Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee approval (GU Ref No: 2020/408). If you have any concerns or complaints about the ethical conduct of this research study, you are encouraged to contact the Manager, Griffith University Research Ethics Committee:  07 3735  4375  /

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