The Business Excellence Awards

Nominate an outstanding local business &/or nonprofit who works to benefit both our local economy and the wellbeing of our community!

Please have a look at the award criteria below, and nominate a business or organization in Dufferin who lives and breathes their corporate values, has survived the challenges of the past few years, and is making our community better by being part of it. 

You can nominate a business in more than one category.  Please complete a separate nomination form for each business you would like to nominate.

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* 1. Please provide your name and email address.
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* 2. Who are you nominating?
Please provide contact details for your nominee so we can reach out to them after nominations close with a few questions to learn more about them.

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* 3. Which award(s) are you nominating them for?

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* 4. Why are you nominating them?
Please briefly tell us how this organization has made an impact in our community and why they deserve this award.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize an outstanding local business in our community!

Next steps:

After nominations have closed, we will reach out to all nominees with a few questions to learn more about them and how they fit the award criteria. Their responses will be sent to other Chambers of Commerce and organizations outside our community for non-biased judging. Winners will be announced at the 2024 Business Awards Gala in May.