Order of the Diamond Circle

The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa’s Outstanding Undergraduate Award
• The Order of the Diamond Circle is the highest honor that an undergraduate can receive from Phi Sigma Kappa.
• Each recipient will hold a chair in the Order of the Diamond Circle that bears the name of an outstanding brother from the Fraternity’s history.
• Those selected will receive a handsome plaque bearing his name and the name of the distinguished chair occupied.
The purpose of this award is to recognize those undergraduate members who excel in their abilities and achievements and demonstrate leadership in Phi Sigma Kappa through loyalty, hard work and dedication.

• Applicant must be an undergraduate member in good standing with his chapter and the Grand Chapter both financially and scholastically.
• Applicant must have held or be currently holding a chapter office.
• Applicant should be a distinguished member of his chapter and demonstrate successful participation in his Fraternity, university and/or local community activities.

Criteria for Selection:
• Truly lives the Cardinal Principles of Phi Sigma Kappa
• Possesses individual leadership abilities and contributions
• Active in a range of Phi Sigma Kappa activities
• Participated successfully in other university and/or community activities
• Contribution to his chosen areas of commitment
• Five letters of recommendation

Nomination Procedure:
1. Only one nomination per chapter
2. Only the application forms provided by the Grand Chapter will be accepted
3. Letters of recommendation are required and must be sent with the application form. The recommendations should explain how the applicant stands out not only locally, but nationally. Letters of reference should be from:
                a. Faculty member in the applicant’s field of study
                b. Chapter adviser or other volunteer officer
                c. Community leader (business person, clergy or college administrator)
                d. Two undergraduate brothers
                e. PLEASE NOTE that members of the IHQ staff cannot write letters of recommendation.