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Push Songs, The Push and APRA AMCOS staff will observe strict confidentiality with the information that you provide in your application process.

* 1. Please provide us with your:

* 2. Please provide us with:

* 3. What is your age group?

* 4. Are you a person of Aboriginal Australian or Torres Strait Islander decent?

* 5. How do you define the style of music that you play?

* 6. Are you the principal songwriter?

* 7. Please provide an artist / band bio, including details on your professional and creative achievements.

* 8. Why do you want to participate in Push Songs?

* 9. If successful, you will be required to attend 3 X 1.5 hr one-on-one workshops at The Push in Brunswick. The dates are listed below and the session times on offer are 12.30pm, 2.15 pm and 4pm. Note: you MUST be available for all 3 dates in each group. Which of the groups below are you able to attend? (If able to attend more than one group please let us know!)

Please note: hundreds of people apply each term, so it is paramount that you attend each and every one of your sessions. If you miss a session, it will not be rescheduled.

* 10. Which of the mentors would you be most keen to work with? - At this stage we have confirmed - Andrei Eremin, Becki Whitton, Memphis Kelly, Jarrad Brown, Braille Face and Eilish Gilligan (If your application is successful we will try to make this happen)

* 11. Have you applied for Push Songs in a previous round?

* 12. Where did you hear about Push Songs?