We are inviting current OASW members to participate in a research study led by Dr. Rachelle Ashcroft (Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work, University of Toronto; Board of Director, OASW) and Dr. Deepy Sur (CEO, OASW). The primary purpose of this study is to better meet the needs of our members. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete a 10-15-minute online survey that is completed anonymously. Survey questions focus on member demographic information, practice information, engagement preferences, and thoughts for the future of OASW. Participation in this study is voluntary. You may decline to answer any questions that you do not wish to answer and you can withdraw your participation at any time by not submitting your responses. Please note that it will not be possible to withdraw your participation after you submit your responses as data is anonymous and therefore individual responses cannot be extracted. There are no known or anticipated risks from participating in this study. The study results will be made available  in the form of a research report and by presentations. Results will also be emailed to all OASW members.

At the end of the survey, you will have the option to opt into a draw for a free 2-day conference registration (valued at $500) for our OASW Conference, “Innovative Approaches to Complex Needs: Social Workers Influencing the Future of Care” on May 14/15, 2021.

It is important for you to know that any information that you provide will be confidential. All of the data will be summarized and no individual could be identified from these summarized results. The only people with access to your information with include Dr. Rachelle Ashcroft, Dr. Deepy Sur, and Andrea Greenblatt (Research Co-ordinator). Furthermore, the web site is programmed to collect responses alone and will not collect any information that could potentially identify you (such as machine identifiers). This survey uses Survey MonkeyTM which is a United States of America company. Consequently, USA authorities under provisions of the Patriot Act may access this survey data. If you prefer not to submit your data through Survey MonkeyTM, please contact Rachelle Ashcroft so you can participate using an alternative method (such as through an email or paper-based questionnaire). The alternate method may decrease anonymity but confidentiality will be maintained. The data, with no personal identifiers, collected from this study will be maintained on a password-protected computer database in a restricted access area of the university. As well, the data will be electronically archived after completion of the study and maintained for seven years and then erased. Your participation will remain confidential.

Should you have any questions about the study or wish to receive a copy of the results of this study, please contact either: Rachelle Ashcroft at or We would like to assure you that this study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through a University of Toronto Research Ethics Committee. However, the final decision about participation is yours. If you have any comments or concerns resulting from your participation in this study, please feel free to contact the Research Oversight and Compliance Office - Human Research Ethics Unit (, 416-946-3273).