1. Introduction

SNAICC – National Voice for our Children currently is consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities, members of Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, and other key stakeholders to inform the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Strategy.

For more information about the development of this Strategy, please visit the website:

This survey forms part of these consultations and we welcome your input. It asks you to draw on your own experiences and insights to reflect on how the Strategy can meet the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities.

This survey is designed for families to complete in-person with frontline staff of partnering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations. We recognise that families may not be able - or may prefer not – to complete the survey in the presence of a frontline service provider. To offer as many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families the opportunity to have a direct voice into the development of this Strategy, we have also made this survey available online.  

If you choose to undertake the survey without a partnering frontline service provider present, please be aware that the survey themes and questions may cause distress and/or trigger previous trauma. We strongly recommend before starting the survey that you have a plan of available emotional / mental health support if required during or after responding to the questions. 
What happens with my information?
- All survey data will be de-identified, collated and returned to SNAICC. 
- We will ensure that your privacy is protected.
- Your information will be treated confidentially in line with the legal requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.
- You will not be named in any reports or publications. 
- We will store your personal information securely at SNAICC, and only SNAICC staff will be able to access it. 
- Your personal information will not be shared with any other organisation. 
- Your information will only be used for the purposes of informing the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Strategy.