Please read this instructions before beginning:
Thank you for your interest in PRISM's Undergraduate Research Program (URP). Please be aware, our new application has several short answer questions including one asking you to describe why are you applying to PRISM URP. If you prefer, you can work on these questions on your own (using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, for example) before starting your application and then copy and paste your responses into the application.
Only complete applications will be evaluated.
The questions you will be asked are:
  1. Have you discussed, or are you planning to discuss, with a prospective mentor(s) about joining her/his lab? If so, with whom?
  2. Please describe a science project you have done, a science topic you are interested in, a technical training or lab experience, a science class experience, or a research experience you have participated on. What did you learn about the process of science from this experience?
  3. What are your professional/career interests (what do you want to do after John Jay)? Why do you want to do/study/join this field?
  4. How will being part of PRISM's Undergraduate Research Program help you achieve those goals?
You will also need to upload a PDF of your transcript. You can do so on CUNYfirst.
PRISM Undergraduate Research Program is open to all science and math students at John Jay College. In order to be eligible for this Program, you must have:
  • officially declared your major as either forensic science (FOS), cell & molecular biology (CMB), toxicology (TOX), or computer science (CSIS);
  • earned a minimum GPA of 2.5 (FOS, CMB & TOX majors) or 3.0 (CSIS majors);
  • successfully completed your first year introductory coursework (modern biology and general chemistry for FOS, CMB & TOX majors) or object-oriented computing (CSIS majors) by the end of the 2017-18 academic year;
  • identified one or two prospective labs to join before applying (you can learn more about our faculty's research projects here and here), and discussed your plans with your prospective faculty mentor(s) (by the end of the 2018 spring semester).
Candidates are evaluated on their academic performance and preparation to become an undergraduate researcher. Students at John Jay or at one of our partnering colleges may apply as early as their freshman year to begin in the summer before their sophomore year, though preference is given to students completing their sophomore year. Admission to our Program is competitive.