PREP 2019 Program Information

Program Overview
The intent of this program is to provide U of S medical students between their second and third years of study with the opportunity to shadow a family physician in rural and/or remote communities in Saskatchewan.

Students will be exposed to medical practice areas outside of Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert to learn about the delivery of health care services while shadowing a family physician within the community. In addition, students will have the opportunity to expand their personal and professional network, explore the area and apply their clinical knowledge.

Extern’s Function
The preceptor permits the extern, under direct supervision, to do only those procedures which he/she believes the extern to be capable of doing safely.  More complicated or advanced procedures are to be demonstrated to the extern.

The medical staff is encouraged to allow the extern, whenever possible, to be the first contact of the patient.  In such cases, the extern is expected to report his/her observations to the attending physician and discuss his/her recommendations regarding diagnostic procedures and required treatment. 

A written evaluation from the student will be required at the end of the externship.  The supervising physician will also be required to complete a brief evaluation of student performance.  With consent from both parties, evaluations will be shared for present and future learning experience.  

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