Welcome to the survey!

This survey is a central activity of PRE-RIGHTS, a transnational project funded by the European Commission.  In this context, it seeks to gather a deeper insight into practitioners' perspectives, specifically concerning the enforcement of preventive measures in cases of radicalisation and violent extremism leading to terrorism.

By preventive measures, we are referring to the means undertaken by several actors bearing in mind the objective of "combat(ing) radicalisation and recruitment of terrorists by identifying the methods, propaganda and the instruments used by terrorists" (Council of the European Union, 2005).

In what concerns PRE-RIGHTS objectives, the project aims at promoting a balanced approach to judicial and police cooperation in line with the provisions of the EU Security Agenda on prevention; achieving coherence between new hybrid investigations in ‘intelligence-led police approach’ and EIO/EAW to prevent excessive de-juridicalisation; fostering compatibility of preventive security measures in prison with the ‘spirit’ and provisions of Framework Decisions 2008/909/ 947/829/JHA to prevent de-socialisation; implementing the EU Security Agenda from a judicial perspective and assessing the prevention policies and practices on MLAs and the Brexit transition.

Throughout the survey, you will be asked questions on three dimensions of the enforcement of prevention measures: 

· Legitimacy and powers of prevention entities;
· Prevention measures in the penitentiary context;
· Civil society responsibility.

Please note some of the questions are designed in a multiple-choice answer format. The survey's duration is of about 3 minutes.
The collected data will then shape the ulterior development of activities foreseen in the project, such as the conduction of focus groups and judicial living labs, which will take a solutions mapping format.

All the information submitted to the survey is completely anonymous.

Coordinated by Central European Initiative (IT), the project joins Center for the Study of Democracy (BG), Agenfor International (IT), University of Malta (MT), IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (PT) Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution (DE), Romanian-American University (RO),
KEMEA Center for Security Studies (EL).
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