Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patients' Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE)

Use this tool to help identify your organization's readiness to implement PRAPARE.
Instructions for Use
You can use this tool in several ways:
  • Distribute it to members of your leadership team in advance of a meeting where you will discuss its results
  • Bring it to a leadership team meeting to discuss readiness
  • Have a facilitator use it to rate your leadership team's meeting after a group discussion.
The PRAPARE project is a major undertaking and significant leadership is needed to carry it out effectively.  Be honest about the general state of affairs within your organization.
Tally the total number of checks made in each column. The more checks in the moderately prepared and highly prepared columns, the more ready your organization is for PRAPARE.  If you find many checks in the not yet prepared column, look at the statements in the columns for moderately prepared or highly prepared.  These will give you guidance on where you want your organization to be and how to get there.  The assessment may suggest the need for organizational development prior to undertaking the PRAPARE project.
Adapted from Stratis Health Toolkit, 


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