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Instructions: Fill in the application. At the end of each page click "Next" to go to the next section. When you reach the last page, there will be a "Done" icon at the end. At this point, you can go back to previous pages and, if necessary, change information. Be sure to type your name in the signature block at the end, understanding that this will be recognized as a legal signature and that this is an official document. Having fully completed your application click "Done". You will be directed to a Thank You page indicating that your application has been submitted.

The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene is specific in matters pertaining to the licensed ministry of the church. These sections should be read carefully and the necessary requirements met before an application is made for a district license. At the end of the application, there will be a place for you to specify that you have read the paragraphs from the Manual dealing with the "Call & Qualifications of the Minister" and "The Licensed Minister."
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