1. About this Consultation

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) is undertaking a review of two of its key documents, the Professional Practice Standards (PPS) and the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists (the ‘Code’).

PSA gratefully acknowledges the Australian Government Department of Health for providing funding for this work as part of the PBS Access and Sustainability Package including the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.
This public consultation relates to the revised PPS. Consultation on the revised Code concluded in late 2016.
During the public consultation period on the revised PPS, PSA welcomes comments from interested individuals and organisations including members of the pharmacy profession as well as consumers, other health professional groups and practitioners, educators, researchers and government bodies.

Please note: The revised PPS will undergo professional copy-editing and production processes following this consultation. PSA requests feedback focus on the content of the revised PPS, unless otherwise specified in the question. 
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