Are You Ready? 
Please make sure you have all required documentation completed, legible and ready to upload with your application.

If you need guidance on required documentation, please refer to the Tuition Appeal website:

Appeals that contain documentation other than what is requested on the Tuition Appeal website will be denied.

Are You The Student?
If you are not the student, STOP HERE. The student must file a Tuition Appeal, regardless of FERPA access or age. Please email to discuss the student's case or the appeal cannot move forward. The student will be copied on all Tuition Appeal communication.

Are All Your Classes Withdrawn or Have a Failing Grade Posted?
Please make sure all appealed classes are withdrawn or have a failing grade posted (W, D, F, or U). For questions about how to withdraw, please contact Student Services at 719-502-2000. 

Have You Checked Your Finances?
Before filing Tuition Appeal, please make sure to check with your financing sources about how a Tuition Appeal could effect you. Don't get stuck with a bill!